Theater at Washington and Lee


DANCE 110 (1) University Dance
Prerequisite: Permission of the Instructor. Participation in a university dance production for a minimum of 24 hours of rehearsal and performance. A journal recording the rehearsal/performance process is required. May be repeated for up to nine credits. Staff.
    Fall, Winter, Spring.

DANCE 120 (3) – Introduction to Contemporary Modern Dance
Prerequisite: Permission of the Instructor. This course will combine the exploration of individual and ensemble artistic expression in contemporary modern dance with the study of the history of modern dance. The course will culminate in a performance presentation. (GE4A)  Davies.

DANCE 220  (3) Dance Composition
Prerequisite: Dance 120 or Permission of the Instructor. A studio course exploring the craft and art of creating dance performances in a variety of styles and contexts. Images, text, music, improvisation and the elements of time, space and energy will be examined as sources for dance material leading to group choreography. This course will focus on creating a finished performance piece for presentation. (GE4A) Davies.
    Fall, Winter.

DANCE 292 (2) Applied Ballet
Prerequisite: Permission of the Instructor. This studio course is devoted to the practice of classical ballet technique and to the exploration of classical and contemporary ballet in performance. The course will culminate in a performance presentation. This course may be repeated for credit with permission. Meythaler.
    Fall, Winter, Spring.

DANCE 225 (3) Intermediate Contemporary Modern Dance
Prerequisites: Dance 120 or permission of the instructor. An intermediate studio course devoted to refining effort/shape values and pursuing performance quality phrasing and style in "Horton" modern dance technique. Students investigate self-directed reverse combinations, deconstruct movement phrases into sequential elements, and learn methods for written and oral analysis of dance.  Students practice listening to the body by connecting movement phrases with kinesthetic experiences. The class culminates in a performance presentation. (GE4 in theater or HA) Davies.  Winter.

DANCE 230 (3) Musical Theater Dance.  
Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor. A studio exploration of choreography in musical theater from the 1940's to the present.  Composition, theme, and form are discussed in concert with practical work in restaging historically significant musical dance numbers. Of particular interest are the choreographer's styles and the many dance techniques prevalent in musical theater. These issues are experienced through dance practicum as original choreography is taught. The course culminates in a studio recital. (GE4 in theater or HA) Davies. Offered when interest is expressed and departmental resources permit.

DANCE 390  (3) Topics in Dance Composition
Prerequisites: Dance 220 and Permission of the Instructor. An advanced studio course for experienced dancers exploring various choreographic styles and methods and the intersections between technique, aesthetics and creative collaboration. The course will culminate in a performance piece for presentation. This course may be repeated for credit. Staff.
    Fall, Winter, Spring.